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Welcome From The Program Chairs

Dear Colleagues:

The 28th Annual International Conference of the Strategic Management Society visits Cologne. In the city’s inspiring and friendly atmosphere, scholars and practitioners from every corner of the globe will focus on the Conference theme: "How does knowledge matter?"

The sessions at this year's conference concentrate on knowledge as a critical resource for explaining performance differences, innovation, market dynamics, and governance issues, on the relationships among organizational structures and knowledge management processes, the costs and benefits of knowledge management, and innovative methodologies and approaches for measuring knowledge and knowledge-related processes in and between organizations. The conference theme is embedded in the various Interest Group sessions comprising Competitive Strategy, Corporate Strategy and Governance, Global Strategy, Strategy Process, Knowledge and Innovation, the Practice of Strategy, and Entrepreneurship and Strategy.

More than 200 colleagues provided thorough reviews on close to 700 submissions. Thank you for your contribution and commitment! The review process has largely benefited from the participation of the Interest Group and Conference Theme Track Chairs. Many thanks to Laura Cardinal (Competitive Strategy), Harry Barkema (Corporate Strategy and Governance), Bill Newburry (Global Strategy), Annette Ranft (Strategy Process), Pam Barr (Knowledge and Innovation), Sari Stenfors (The Practice of Strategy), Bill Schulze (Entrepreneurship and Strategy), Tina Dacin (Managing Knowledge), Ingo Weller (Measuring Knowledge), and Stefan Gueldenberg (Evaluating Knowledge).

The competitive program consists of both common ground and paper sessions, spread across three conference days. Various panel sessions provide additional insights, and the conference program is further complemented with a range of plenary sessions such as "The Future of Knowledge Management", and "The Future of Knowledge-Intensive Industries". I am certain that you will find open and constructive debates in all sessions, and that the conference will clearly contribute to the emergence of many promising research questions. Finally, you are invited to meet the editors of the Strategic Management Journal and the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.

The Interest Group officers are in the process of developing exciting pre-conference activities that will foster intensive exchange of ideas among professionals. Moreover, I am pleased to announce that the SMS is bringing forward its new teaching initiative. In the first year of the initiative, four teaching sessions were held at the conference in San Diego. Idie Kesner, Indiana University, is leading the new Teaching Initiative Taskforce, which is now planning the sessions for the upcoming conference in Cologne.

Besides an exciting conference, you will certainly find an interesting social program. We are looking forward to taking you to a dinner cruise on the Rhine River, one of Europe's major rivers, originating in the Swiss Alps and covering five countries. You will also get to enjoy an organ concert in the Cologne Cathedral, one of the world's largest churches and Cologne's most famous landmark. While attending the Cologne conference, you will find much to your liking and enjoy your stay in one of Germany's most fascinating cities. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Thomas Mellewigt
Program Co-Chair
Free University Berlin

Strategic Management Society

Cologne Conference