Monday, October 26

12:00 - 13:00  h
Paper Session
Session Leader
Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra Northeastern University

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Monday: 12:00 - 13:00 h   |   Session 1792
Institutions in Global Strategy

Monday: 13:45 - 14:45 h   |   Session 1793
Decision Making in the MNC: HQ and Subsidiary Dynamics

Tuesday: 13:45 - 14:45 h   |   Session 1794
International Expansion in a Complex World

Wednesday: 12:00 - 13:00 h   |   Session 1791
Property Rights: IPOs, Acquisitions and Ownership

Wednesday: 13:45 - 14:45 h   |   Session 1790
Emerging Market Strategies: Institutions and Regional Diversity

Thursday: 12:00 - 13:00 h   |   Session 1789
FDI: Risk Taking, Signaling and Sentiments

Thursday: 13:45 - 14:45 h   |   Session 1795
Knowledge Search, Sourcing, and Transfer

Friday: 13:45 - 14:45 h   |   Session 1797
Politics and Non-Market Strategies

Friday: 13:45 - 14:45 h   |   Session 1798
Distance and Connectivity in Global Strategy

Tracks G
Session 1792 -
Institutions in Global Strategy

Institutional Context and Corporate Sustainability: Evidence from the Global Mining Industry
Lilach Trabelsi, University of Geneva
Sinziana Dorobantu, New York University
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How National Institutions Enable Agile Firms to Undertake Business Model Change
Caroline Witte, Rotterdam School of Management
Michael Mol, Copenhagen Business School & Birmingham Business School
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The Competitive Effects of Financial and Fiscal Institutional Arbitrage Opportunities: Evidence from Cross-border M&As.
Valentina Fani, University of Lausanne
Dimitrija Kalanoski, University of Manchester
Olivier Bertrand, Getulio Vargas Foundation
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Firm Strategies for Dealing with Institutional Regression
Navid Asgari, Fordham University
Kulwant Singh, National University of Singapore
Will Mitchell, University of Toronto
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