Friday, October 30

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Parallel Panel Session
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Human Capital Resource Mobility

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Employee Compensation

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Managerial KSAO's

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Value Creation from Human Capital Resources

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Strategic Social Capital

Friday: 13:45 - 14:45 h   |   Session 1686
Strategic Human Capital Theory in the Future of Work

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Session 1686 -
Strategic Human Capital Theory in the Future of Work

The “Future of Work” (FoW) is deeply affecting organizations. New technologies in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and online digital platforms are leading to trends as: (1) the reallocation of tasks across human, physical, and digital capital; (2) a greater locational/temporal flexibility of work; and (3) an increased use of alternative work arrangements. These trends lead to questions about the “if” and “how” organizations will be able to leverage human capital as a strategic resource in the FoW. In this panel session, five distinguished scholars on the frontier of empirical and theoretical strategic human capital research will share their perspectives on the topic and engage in a discussion with the audience about whether and how the FoW may challenge prevailing strategic human capital theory.

Strategic Human Capital Theory in the Future of Work
Thomaz Teodorovicz, Harvard University
Anita McGahan, University of Toronto
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Vanessa Burbano
Columbia University

Russell Coff
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Anita McGahan
University of Toronto

Robert Seamans
New York University

Evan Starr
University of Maryland