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Shaping the Competitive Landscape: Rethinking Regulation’s Role in a Digital Age

In a of re-drawn industry boundaries, where digital technologies provide new ways to access customers and where new competitors, leveraging AI and analytical prowess redefine business models and profitability patterns, a new shaping force is emerging: Regulation. While data and analytics might in principle be portable and exportable, and while the dissolution of firm and industry boundaries could allow for any number of reconfigurations, as evidenced by the growth of new platforms and ecosystems, regulation will ultimately define what is allowable and what is not. Thus, far from being a constraint, or “tax” to be minimized, regulation becomes a potent force in reshaping the competitive landscape in the digital age. This panel draws on a recent WEF/LBS/UCL summit to consider how such force is exerted.

Shaping the Competitive Landscape: Rethinking Regulation’s Role in a Digital Age
Michael G. Jacobides, London Business School
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Cristina Caffarra
Charles River Associates

Annabelle Gawer
University of Surrey

Michael G. Jacobides
London Business School

Geoffrey Parker
Dartmouth College