Session Details: Session 1807

Teaching Entrepreneurship

Track T

Date: Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Time: 14:30 – 15:45


Room: Salon 15

Session Chair:
James Davis, Utah State University

Can entrepreneurship be taught? What is the state of the art in teaching Entrepreneurship? A wide variety of classroom approaches, models, pedagogies and techniques have emerged and applied in higher education with very mixed results. When is experiential learning best applied? What are the cutting edge entrepreneurship cases and when are they best applied? When and which lectures/discussions advised? What classroom modules have proven to be successful? The session leader will share his learning theory expertise to examine cutting edge teaching techniques in entrepreneurship for undergraduates, MBAs, executives and alumni. A framework will be shared with specific applications that will provide immediate benefit for those teaching or desiring to entrepreneurship. The tools and techniques shared in this session will immediately impact the teaching/learning experience of classes of attendees. The session will be highly interactive as participants add their best practices to the educational framework introduced in the session.

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Session 1807: Teaching Entrepreneurship

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