Session Details: Session 1112

Workshops, Meetings, Models and Tools in Strategizing

Track J

Date: Monday, October 13, 2008


Time: 17:00 – 18:15


Room: Salon 22

Session Chair:
Claus Jacobs, University of St. Gallen

Title: Identity Work in Strategizing: An Embodied Realism Perspective


  • Claus Jacobs, University of St. Gallen
  • David Oliver, HEC-Montreal
  • Loizos Heracleous, University of Warwick

Abstract: Strategy scholars have referred to organizational identity (OI) as strategic resource or core competency. While a social constructionist perspective emphasizes fluidity and contextual aspects, it appears to leave little room for identity stability. Essentialist views deny the potential for continuous identity re-definition and constructive identity work. In this paper, we advance embodied realism as an approach that recognizes both movement and stability in identity work. Empirically analyzing one company's use of embodied metaphors - a method of identity work that exhibits the main tenets of embodied realism - to literally construct representations of organizational identity in a strategy workshop, we demonstrate the relevance of embodied realism for identity work and the effectiveness of embodied metaphors to surface key aspects of OI in processes of strategizing.

Title: Models and Strategic Decision-Making Under Uncertainty


  • Hugh Courtney, University of Maryland
  • Fred van Eenennaam, Nyenrode Business University

Abstract: Academics have developed ever-more sophisticated models in an attempt to capture the complexity that strategists face in uncertain markets. Yet research shows that many of these most promising models in theory – such as real option valuation and game theory – are rarely used in practice. The detailed case studies in this paper show that when formal models are used merely to predict the unpredictable, they inevitably fail, explaining why they are often dismissed by practitioners. But when such models are used to structure systematic analysis and debate of complex business decisions, they are valuable components of any strategist’s toolkit. While “simple rules” may help bring order to chaos in uncertain decision-making environments, so, too, can relatively “simple models.”

Title: Strategy-as-Practice: Putting Strategy into Action in a Subsidiary of a Multinational Corporation


  • Joerg Dederichs, 3M Germany
  • Laura Costanzo, University of Southampton

Abstract: A practice turn in strategy research can be observed treating strategy as something people ‘do’ (Johnson, Langley, Melin, & Whittington, 2007; Whittington, 2006). Little attendance has hitherto been given to the question how strategy is put into practice. In parallel, little is known about strategizing activities within subsidiaries of a multinational corporation (Boojihawon, Dimitratos, & Young, 2007). In investigating strategy implementation within the German subsidiary of 3M, this study contributes further insights into ‘how’ knowledge flows, strategy meetings and strategy tools influence the implementation processes at a subsidiary level. Preliminary findings indicate that a clear strategic direction from the centre and knowledge flows within the network influence implementation. Whilst strategy meetings are relevant practices, practitioners tend to develop and use their own strategizing tools.

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