Session Details: Session 1082

Corporate Venture Capital

Track K

Date: Monday, October 13, 2008


Time: 11:15 – 12:30


Room: Salon 20

Session Chair:

Title: An Option to Partner: A Dyadic Analysis of CVC Relationships


  • Anu Wadhwa, Imperial College London
  • Corey Phelps, McGill University

Abstract: This paper takes a real options view of corporate venture capital (CVC), which are direct minority equity investments made by established companies in privately held entrepreneurial ventures. CVC investments have been characterized as creating growth options for corporate investors. We argue corporate investors often exercise these growth options by forming strategic alliances with their portfolio firms. We identify and empirically test a set of factors that lead established firms to exercise the growth options embedded in CVC investments by forming strategic alliances with the entrepreneurial ventures in which they invested. We explore how uncertainty surrounding a CVC investment influences the likelihood of future alliance formation and how a corporate investor’s resources moderate this effect.

Title: Choose Wisely Your Partner: Licensing Strategies of Science-based Start-Ups


  • Daniela Baglieri, University of Messina

Abstract: The core argument in this paper is that partner choice is a key firm capability which may affect the early growth of science-based start-ups. We suggest that resource-constrained start-ups may choose strategically their partners in order to lessen the risks of disclosure and litigation and disputes over property rights (IPRs). Therefore, by choosing their partner science-based start-ups choose how much to compete for IPRs. We also suggest that they may leverage their upstream collaboration with universities and star scientists to attract strategic downstream partners. We test our hypotheses on a sample of Italian-based, privately held biotechnology firms. We found that size and founders’ prior experience affect partner choice. We believe these findings provide new challenges for the management of IPRs and strategic entrepreneurship literature.

Title: Corporate Venturing and Sequential Market Entry: An Empirical Test of the Decision to Exercise Footholds


  • Tim R. Holcomb, Miami University
  • Justin Webb, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • John Upson, University of West Georgia
  • Jennifer Sexton, West Virginia University

Abstract: A widely-held belief is that corporate venturing is a means by which firms promote growth and sustain strategic competitiveness. Building on concepts from real options theory and research examining corporate venturing, we propose a model of sequential market entry and expansion in which entrepreneurial firms establish footholds in new markets to reduce uncertainty associated with market entry. Specifically, applying on RBV and contingency theory logic, we test hypotheses examining the influence of financial slack on the decision to exercise growth options (footholds) and the direct and moderating influence of industry context—conditions that increase the value of footholds in some contexts and not in others. In doing so, we draw attention to the decision to exercise foothold investments in an entrepreneurial setting.

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