Session Details: Session 1053

Turnaround and Alignment

Track H

Date: Monday, October 13, 2008


Time: 11:15 – 12:30


Room: Salon 23

Session Chair:
Margaret White, Oklahoma State University

Title: A Framework for Knowledge Alignment between Business and Information Technology


  • Dawn Harris, Loyola University Chicago
  • Frederick Kaefer, Loyola University-Chicago
  • Linda Salchenberger, Marquette University

Abstract: The challenge organizations face is to share knowledge between business and IT. In this research, we present a framework that can be used by organizations to determine the degree of knowledge alignment between business and IT. The framework was developed to identify gaps in communication, process, and strategy between business and IT.

Title: Contextual Connectedness and Management Attention: Explicating Lobbying Capability in a Predictable Policy Environment


  • Thomas Lawton, Open University
  • Tazeeb Rajwani, University of Essex

Abstract: We examine the development of corporate lobbying processes in a predictable (‘endogenous’) policy environment. We examine a distinct endogenous context where European flag carrier airlines engage with political decisions and policies in an expected way. Our findings show how management cognition develops divergent corporate lobbying capabilities in the same context. In particular, we emphasize the constraints and conditioning of differing ownership formations in the selection and deployment of lobbying capabilities. The result was a more effective response to events and activities in predictive policy environments, resulting in augmented lobbying capability and relative non-market advantage for privately owned airlines.

Title: Reviving the "Living Dead"


  • Margaret White, Oklahoma State University
  • Suzanne Behr, GRC

Abstract: Venture capitalists (VC) who undertake to revive “living dead” ventures find themselves facing a unique set of issues—those of a stage 3 or 4 venture and of a turnaround situation. While Rhunke et al (1992) examined the “living dead” venture from an investor’s view, this paper presents a participant observation case study of a venture capital investment in an technology driven, oil industry firm that while profitable needed turnaround. The first two years of the revival processes are examined. In addition, recommendations for what VC should look for before making such an investment and what skills managers need are included. This is a potentially rich research area for strategic management scholars as it draws from the processes and issues of venture capital investment and turnaround literature.

Title: Turnaround Process in Southeast Asia Revisited


  • Alexander Falkenberg, University of St. Gallen
  • Helena Glamheden, University of St. Gallen
  • Li-Choy Chong, University of St Gallen

Abstract: Literature on a Western environment has developed a solid body of knowledge on the turnaround process. In Southeast Asia, however, the understanding of the turnaround process is still limited. Our literature review highlights punctual differences between the turnaround process in the West and in Southeast Asia that have been reported in previous studies. We used a Straussian grounded theory research strategy to develop a representation of the turnaround process from raw data, since the punctual differences remain multidirectional. Literature on Western turnaround describes a two-stage turnaround process. Our research findings, however, suggest a three stage process: an initial 'recognition phase', a second short-term oriented 'negotiation and deterioration-halting phase', and finally the 'revitalization phase' which addresses the long-term strategy.

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