Session Details: Session 1035

Strategic Dynamics in Industry Architectures: The Challenges of Knowledge Integration

Track A

Date: Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Time: 11:15 – 12:30


Room: Saal 14

Session Chair:

Panelists: (subject to change)
Michael G. Jacobides, London Business School
Fabrizio Ferraro, IESE Business School
Kevin Boudreau, HEC-Paris
Stefano Brusoni, University of Bocconi
Sidney G. Winter, University of Pennsylvania
Gautam Ahuja, University of Michigan

Abstract: As industry boundaries become increasingly blurred, it is becoming evident that firms shape the nature and structure of their sector, i.e. their “industry architectures” – the rules and roles that pertain to the division of labor, which in turn affect the division of profit. Yet, in this setting of industry reconfiguration, how do firms manage the challenges of knowledge integration? How is specialized knowledge integrated into a coherent whole? How do firms try to tackle the dual challenge of maintaining a strategic edge through shaping their landscape, and also of integrating knowledge? This is what this panel will consider. Extending recent theoretical research, this panel will consider empirical evidence that can help us shed light on these issues.

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