Session Details: Session 1030

The Emerging Strands of Research in Strategic Cognition

Track D

Date: Monday, October 13, 2008


Time: 15:30 – 16:45


Room: Saal 14

Session Chair:
VK Narayanan, Drexel University

Panelists: (subject to change)
V.K. Narayanan, Drexel University
Gerard P. Hodgkinson, University of Leeds
Margaret Peteraf, Dartmouth College
Steven W. Floyd, University of St Gallen

Abstract: The primary aim of this panel proposed here is to begin the next phase in the stream of strategic management work with a cognitive orientation. We bring together scholars with different orientations a) to address both their individual vantage points and 2) to engage both themselves and the audience in a discussion of the fruitful avenues of development of the cognitive school to strategic management literature. In what follows, this proposal will sketch four vantage points: 1) cognition as a unique strand in strategic management; 2) cognition and competition; 3) cognition and dynamic capabilities; and 4) cognition and middle management. We will subsequently summarize the plan for the panel, and the value for the audience.

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