Session Details: Session 1009

Under Assault: How Companies Can Fight Organized Crime

Track G

Date: Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Time: 14:30 – 15:45


Room: Saal 14

Session Chair:
Philippe Very, EDHEC Business School

Panelists: (subject to change)
Philippe Very, EDHEC Business School
Bridgette Sullivan-Taylor, University of Warwick
Bertrand Monnet, EDHEC Business School
Robert Larson, DHL
Jean-Michel Serre, France Telecom

Abstract: Mafias, cartels, gangs have prospered since the 9/11 attacks that focused much attention on terrorism. Criminal organizations have understood that companies are vulnerable sources of enrichment that can be assaulted in many ways: extorsion, kidnapping, piracy, market predation … Firms can suffer, or even die, but our knowledge of such sacks remains limited. In this panel session, we discuss:
- the range of attacks made by organized crime against companies;
- the short and long-term solutions that can be implemented,
- How leading companies include such “stakeholders” in their strategic thinking
- How they develop the capacity to cope with extreme events
The panel includes researchers who work on this dramatic trend and top-managers from companies that lead this quest for solutions.

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